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Most of the great photography on these pages is from two particular talents: 

Andrew Caldwell who's work can be found at: Ankh Photography

Chris Kiely who's work can be found at:


The people you see here and making most of the music when we play live are... 

Paula Sugden - Cello / Paula plays a 300 year old cello called 'Cyril'. You can ask her all about it at the next show. She also runs a wonderful art gallery you can visit called: The Art Shed

Andrew Gladstone - Drums / Andrew owns just the right amount of vintage drum kits and cars. He has played with so many great NZ bands it's impossible to list, and I still have a signed copy of an album from his band Garageland back in the day.  

There's also a world of incredibly gifted musicians I play with, including Campbell Burns, Arahi, Wayne Bell, Sean Harvey, Daniel Devcich and many many more... 


These are just a few of the great venues run by dedicated people, loving what they do and putting on shows for you to come see. We've played too many to list but some you should get to soon are: 

The Common Room in Hastings

The Wine Cellar in Auckland

The Boathouse in Nelson

The Jam Factory in Tauranga

Nivara Lounge in Hamilton

I'm going to pause and come back and add a heap more... 

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