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Renowned for unforgettable performances and his connection with audiences, acclaimed singer/songwriter ‘Stretch’ (Anthony Stretch), is one of New Zealand’s most captivating musicians.


From the alt-country rawness of his debut album ‘Bury All Horses’, to the stirring chamber-folk of ‘Our Dreams Are Changing’ his songs have stunned listeners and reviewers alike. ‘If you could embody the phrase “music for our times” then his would be worthy of that description. 5/5 stars - Music.Net.NZ


Having played to sold out audiences across the country, head-lined shows at Church Road and Hawke’s Bay Opera House and opened for such greats as Wilco and Elton John., Stretch has continued to create a singular space in Aotearoa, as a truly independent artist.


Stretch is now joined on stage by Paula Sugden on cello and Andrew Gladstone on drums. Between these musicians is a legacy of performing and touring both nationally and internationally at the highest levels. The incredibly emotive playing of cellist Paula Sugden and the melodic lines exchanged between Stretch’s soulful voice and her instrument, have unlocked another level of musical expression. Their combined sound soars with a grace and power unlike anything else in the New Zealand music scene. With Andrew Gladstone creating worlds of rhythms and atmosphere from his vintage drum-kits, there is a chemistry and passion that sets their shows alight.


This beautifully sparse and emotive sound is set to a depth of lyricism earnt from a life truly lived. Having been through ebbs and lows that have seen everything questioned, including his reason for being, Stretch’s music is both heartrending and uplifting. ‘It’s a balance, being true to yourself and performing music often asks contradicting things of you. But the connection I find via music in a room of people is an essential to my life. Those moments are above and beyond everything!’


Being able to connect so deeply with listeners, Stretch is an artist that plays his heart out. Whether it’s onstage at Mission Estate to 25,000 people or to 25 at a small town bar. With a sound that transports audiences and a gift for truly original songwriting, this is life affirming music, undeniable in its impact.

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